When the experience of a ground which appeared solid gives way, structures fall flat and loose their meaning. Touching the nerve of this shift, I engage with a world not of fact and things, but of constructs and desires, stripping the senses into naked feelings.

Formerly a senior banker, having first hand witnessed the disordering of sense that accompanies the collapse of a system, I went in search of new forms. From unstable grounds, I examine subtle bodies, working at the boundary of dissolution and desire. Perceptions so fine-spun they might seem fantastical or imaginary, yet which carry rich and potent signals. In some form of supraphysical-erotics, decomposing the body into drives and forces, I seek the tender spot, the inflection point in the curvature of the tone.

In the field of energetics, the senses are the gateway, portals to the other and into the soul. When sense and memory stirs space becomes alive. With motion and rhythm, in a constantly evolving composition of chaos and meaning, carried by emotion and pierced by voice. Upending expectations, barely-there installations work at the limit of the ethereal, with projected imagery and spatialised sound. Repetition and synchronisation of image and voice, stimulate a symphony of the senses in communications intended not to be comprehended but felt.

In approaching the spatial through intangible dimensions, I am investigating the image of sculpture through a different relation to space. Might space be approached as a force, I wonder? A presence, even an intelligence, capable of transcending its location and opening onto the somewhere else?


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